Friday, 16 November 2012

The 4 Biggest Roulette Players

Assuming that a survey is done to determine the most popular casino game, roulette is definitely, included in the top list. Many may find it hard to believe the amount spent by some of its loyal patrons.

Kerry Packer  - The Australian media magnate lost around £15 million on a roulette table in one sitting.

Faoud Al Zayat - Also a roulette enthusiast, Zayat spent around £2.5 million in a single game.

Robert Maxwell – Who would have thought that Maxwell is a roulette enthusiast too? He is such a fan of the game, he is willing to give up £1.5 million in a night.

Frank Sarakakis – The Greek automobile tycoon shares a similar interest with Packer, Zayat and Maxwell. It is estimated that he lost around £10 million.

For certified roulette supporters, the amount spent by those 4 is not too surprising. Roulette is too exciting to ignore.

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