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Friday, 28 December 2012

3 Habits Of Smart Online Casino Players

Smart players can else beat the online casino’s edge. They do not have to use complicated methods. Rather, they maintain healthy playing habits, which make them true-blooded winners.

Here are some of the characteristics of smart online casino players.

Constant practice
Smart players practice. As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

Those that can easily snatch the house’s edge respects the game and their opponent. They neither belittle their rivals nor underestimate the game.

Most players complain about the casino’s terms and conditions. However, this dilemma arises only because many do not read.

At a glance, these are simple characteristics or habits. Yet, no matter how simple they may look like, they have successfully turned small punters into full-blown winners.

Are you a smart online casino punter?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Different Types Of Live Baccarat Bets: What Every Player From Malaysia Must Know

Knowing the different baccarat bets is essential to those who want to play live baccarat. Malaysia members need to understand these wagers before they move forward to complicated online baccarat strategies.

Banker bet
It is considered as he most profitable bets in live and online baccarat. Malaysia players can fatten their bankroll with this wager for it has the lowest house advantage. Easy to win and longer playing time—these are some of the perks members can derive from the banker bet.
Tie bet
Tie bets are also known as “sucker bets.” For this wager baccarat players predict that a tie between the player and banker.

Although it has a higher house edge than the banker bet, this gives a bigger payout.

Player bet
This one is easy to understand. It simply means predicting that the player’s hand has a total value of 9 or close to it.

In terms of the house advantage, this is one has a higher edge than that of the banker bet, but lower than the tie bet.

It is easy to win in baccarat. Malaysia members simply need to know the wagers they can place. 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Multi-Wheel Roulette Surprises Players With Bigger Winning Chances And 35 To 1 Payout!

Boasting a 35 to 1 payout winning becomes easier in Multi-Wheel Roulette. Malaysia roulette supporters will be surprised by how lucrative this game is. Needless to say, this game is better than the ones you see in Genting.

Featuring 6 spinning wheels, you will never regret playing this variant of online roulette. Malaysia land-based casinos can only offer a single table and you will have a hard time playing on them simultaneously. But not for Multi-Wheel Roulette. You can bet simultaneously on these 6 wheels and increase your winnings easily.

Betting on 6 wheels means spreading your risks and minimizing your losses. This is because your winning probabilities are not concentrated on a single wheel. If one of the wheels does not deliver results, you still have 5 more wheels where your bets can show up.

You can also limit the number of wheels where you can play. If you want to bet on 3 wheels, all you have to do is deactivate the other wheels.

Since multiple betting still, applies, this allows you to further lower your risks and win more games.

With features so great, indeed, Multi-wheel roulette has made a name and managed to leave a footpr1nt in online casino gaming!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sportsbook NEW URL

To all sportsbook players of 12BET, in case you are having problems accessing the site, you can still login to your account via this link <

Roulette Strategy Still Works For American Roulette

Yeah sure, applying a roulette strategy in American roulette is a bit difficult. Those two (2) zeros that lessen your winning chances are frustrating. Many times, they cause near misses. Just when you are about to nail the jackpot, the ball lands in a different number or color.

So what is the point of playing this game? What good can you get knowing that it has a high house advantage?

Actually, if you only take a closer look, you will realize that American roulette is just the same as that of the European roulette. Yes, you can still employ your roulette strategy. Malaysia roulette enthusiasts should not be bothered about that.

For American roulette, still, the best approach is to capitalize on the red/black and odd/ even bets. Still, they remain as the most profitable wagers. What many fail to realize is that American roulette may be difficult, but the prizes it offer is bigger than that of its European counterpart. Players simply need to continue with the above-mentioned strategy.
Roulette gas managed to leave a footpr1nt in the lives of many gamers. This game is meant to give joy, not the other way around. But this can be only achieved if the necessary strategies and approaches are implemented and used.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

12BET Casino’s New Baccarat Variant Excites Malaysian Players

One of the most popular casino games is baccaratMalaysia players, to be more specific have a heart for baccarat gaming.

Challenging but very easy to understand, it never fails to give the kind of thrill and excitement that many players look forward to.

What many players do not know is that this popular game has 3 variants. The game’s mechanics stay the same. Yet, much of their differences lie on the number of cards they use and the dealer’s role in the game.

Punto banco – Punto banco is very popular in Macau. In this variant, 6 to 8 decks of cards are used and dealers are permitted to do card shuffling.

Chemin de Fer  - Chemin de Fer uses 6 decks of cards. For this variant, dealers perform the initial shuffle and the players perform the next shuffle.

Baccarat Banque – Baccarat banque uses the least deck of cards. Only 3 decks of cards are employed in this game. On the other hand, the shuffling is performed by the player with the highest punter.

12BET Casino, however, has another baccarat variant and this is no other than Live Star Club Baccarat.  

Here, baccarat becomes more dynamic as dealers dance to the grooviest tunes while distributing your cards.

With this new approach, live star baccarat has managed to leave a footpr1nt in baccarat gaming. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Slot Games Secret: How To Win And Enjoy Without The Hassles And Stress

Playing slot games can be tiring and stressful too. When you are stressed out, winning becomes a lot harder and you will probably end up more frustrated.

To avoid such scenario, here are ways on how you can enjoy and get more of slot games. Malaysia is a renowned gaming hub. You are supposed to relax not the other way around.

Blink – Try to blink occasionally.  Too much exposure to the computer’s glare is harmful. If you are worried that somebody else might take your seat, play in online casinos. Across Malaysia, 12BET Casino is noted for its great slots collection. Actually, it has the biggest and most extensive collection of video slots in the country

Set time limits – Playing for hours can be stressful. Be wary of your time. 12BET Casino does not close. You can always go back and play anytime you want to.

Have a break – Get breaks. Move. If you do not want to leave your game, use the “Auto Play” option. It will automatically do the spinning for you.

Slot games must bring joy, not stress. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will find yourself generating more wins. You can even leave a footpr1nt via setting great winning records.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Manic Jackpot Which Is 5,000X Bigger Is In Store In The Slot Games Fruitmania

In one of 12BET Casino’s slot games, you can get prizes which are 5,000X bigger than your original bet. It is a no sweat game. There are no complicated strategies to memorize, no betting systems to master, all you need is pure spinning passion.

What is the game’s name?  It is no other than Fruitmania.

Fruitmania is one of the 5-reel slot games. Malaysia slot enthusiasts are into this slot machine, mainly because of its incredible prizes.

Right now, the game’s current progressive jackpot is pegged at $16,711 and this can be yours in one simple spin.

Adding more winning opportunities, this slot game features a scatter symbol. To calculate their winnings, players simply need to multiply the scatter’s payout to their bets. Members who wagered bigger bets can bring home bigger prizes.

For  players who want to leave a footpr1nt without exerting too much effort, Fruitmani is definitely, the game to play. 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Online Slot Game Players Get Sick Prizes In Wall St. Fever

Wall St. Fever has heavily affected online slot games players with its massive cash prize and rewards.

Other than your game winnings, you also have the chance to bring home the huge progressive jackpot.

Included in 12BET Casino’s roster of 5-reel online slot games, Malaysia players can also look forward to winning symbols.

What do you get in Wall St. Fever?
Progressive jackpot  - The  game features a progressive jackpot that constantly increases every time the game is played.

Bonus round – During the bonus round, players can get up to 20% of added reward.

More freebies – Playing this game alone entitles you to a daily bonus up to MYR 200 and of course, a 0.6% cashback. If you are a player from Thailand, China and Indonesia, you also have the chance to be included in the Triple 12 Promotion raffle where you can get even bigger prizes.

Playing Wall St. Fever indeed, leaves a footpr1nt in online slots gaming. Start capitalizing and profiteering in this great slots game!


Thursday, 13 December 2012

12BET’s Live Casino Stands Out In Malaysia’s Gaming Scene

There have been questions on where to play live casino in Malaysia. Various casino sites have been offering live gaming, but security, integrity and functionality issues often crop out.

Poor streaming, constant crashes, garbled audio—these are some of the most prevalent complaint against a live casino. Malaysia is one of Asia’s casino hot spots. Players expect to get the same excitement and thrill akin to that of Genting without really exerting too much effort and time.

Although there have been live casinos in the country, it is 12BET Casino’s live game platform, which stands out.

12BET Casino’s live game is equipped with state of the art interface and user-friendly navigation, which, pave way for less clicks and more gaming time for the player.

Another major (attraction) of the live casino is its lovely dealers, which are at par with Genting beauties.

Lastly, 12BET Casino’s live gaming is noted not only for successfully imbibing the feel of real casinos, but also for its huge payouts and bonuses. So far, the casino site has managed to leave a footpr1nt in the live gaming terrain.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12BET Casino Adds Thor To Expand Its Online Slot Games Collection

One of Malaysia’s best slot machines, Thor, graces 12BET Casino’s extensive collection of top-notched online slot games.

Featuring a stacked wild stacked symbol, a dependable scatter and 30 paylines, which are active all the time, winning becomes a piece of cake—a child’s play for slot enthusiasts.

Starting off with Thor as the wild symbol, it will trigger the Thunderstorm respin where players wherein the 2nd reel will be filled with wilds. Players also get an extra respin to further super charge their winninings.

Meanwhile, if triggered, the lightning free spin will generate 2 to 5 additional wild symbols.

Other game features
Members must also watch out for the Jortunheim free game wherein the wild freezes the winning patterns to pave way for bigger prizes.

There is also the Earth free game wherein burned symbols increase the multiplier’s value.

With all these features, there is no doubt that Thor is the best online slotFree games in Malaysia slots can be thoroughly enjoyed in this game. Definitely, it has managed to leave a footpr1nt in the online casino industry. 

Casino Bonus Treat Starts At 12BET Casino’s Triple 12 Lucky Draw

After the successful launching of Thor, 12BET Casino presents another December casino bonus treat to its loyal members from China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Named as Triple 12 Lucky Draw, this promotion celebrates the 12. 12.12 phenomenon, which also speaks of the casino site’s long years of providing hot gaming products and services, it aims to deliver more winning opportunities for casino enthusiasts.

Players from the above-mentioned countries will have the chance to enter into a raffle by simply enjoying their favorite online casino games this December.

The mechanics
Two raffle draw will be held in this promotion. Members who have been playing since the start of the month and have already met the wagering requirement will immediately qualify for the 1st raffle.

Meanwhile, to qualify for the 2nd raffle, members need to play for more than 12 days. A total of 50 casino enthusiasts will receive RMB 1,200 or its equivalent currencies. Participants can join both in the 1st and 2nd raffle.

Lucky winners will be notified by phone or e-mail.

With huge prizes at stake, the fun and the casino bonus do not seem to stop. Play and leave a footpr1nt in 12BET Casino’s Triple 12 Lucky Draw today!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

12BET Casino’s Live Gaming, Preferred By Players All Over Asia

There is a great alternative to players who do not have the time to visit the Genting casino. Malaysia has casino sites that offer live casino. Those who want to know where to play live casino in Malaysia, they should not look any farther for there is 12BET Casino.

12BET Casino is a trusted name when it comes to live casino. Malaysia players have full trust in this site due to its good reputation and credibility. Moreover, its live dealers are not only beautiful, they are also very committed and accommodating.

In terms of quality, 12BET Casino’s live games are second to none. High definition cameras and state of the art equipment are employed so as to leave a footpr1nt and impression of class, quality and accessibility.

For the best of live casinos, there is no doubt that 12BET Casino is Asia’s only choice.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Themed Slot Games Like Halloween Fortune Brings More Joy – Get 20 Spins For Free!

For those who still have their Halloween hang-over, enjoying slot games such as Halloween Fortune will do the trick for players seeking for fun and adventure.
Halloween Fortune has been one of the best pick when it comes to slot games. Malaysia slots enthusiasts, for one,  enjoy this game even if Halloween is already over. Well this is not too surprising.

If you have the chance to enjoy 20 free spins and get a multiplier that makes your winnings 10X bigger, what else are you looking for in a slots game? With its bonus features and impressive interface, there is nothing more to ask from Halloween Fortune. Indeed, it has managed to leave a footpr1nt in many of its fans and supporters.

Friday, 7 December 2012

How To Win A Straight-Up Bet In Roulette

Winning in roulette becomes a lot easier when you have less numbers on the wheel and this advantage is what the best online casino in Malaysia offers.

With 12BET Casino’s Mini Roulette, the wheel contains 12 numbers only, giving you higher winning possibilities since there are only a few numbers to choose from, not to mention the fact that it retains the single zero slot of the European roulette.

The highest payout you can get is 11 to 1 and this is no other than the straight up bet. In other roulette variants, many are afraid to take this bet due to its high advantage but not in Mini Roulette.

Play in mini roulette. Leave a footpr1nt by winning big bucks today!

12BET Casino Celebrates The 12.12.12 Phenomenon, Launches A Grand Raffle Promotion

Players from China, Indonesia and Thailand have something to look forward to in 12BET casino.

In celebration of the 12.12.12 phenomenon, members from the said countries have the chance to be one of the lucky players to bring home RMB 12,000 (or equivalent currencies).

Two (2) raffles will be held for this promotion and qualifying is easy. Members simply need to play this December and wager at least RMB 120 (or equivalent currencies) to be eligible for the first raffle.

For those who play for more than 12 days and meet the wagering amount, their names will be immediately included in the second raffle where bigger bonuses await them.
Get ready for a triple treat this 12.12.12! Enjoy the prizes while they last! Win and play now. You’ll never want to miss this once in a century event. 

All lucky winners will receive a phone call from 12BET Casino or an email.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blackjack Scratch Makes Winning Simpler And Easier

Players who barely have the time to master card counting, blackjack scratch does the trick! In 3 easy simple steps, you get your daily dose of blackjack action without the hassles.
a.      Place your bet
b.     Change your cards
c.      Scratch and win!

While this is a scratch game, the rule remains. You need to have a hand with a total card value of 21 or close to it.

If you want to leave a footpr1nt in blackjack without exerting too much effort, try blackjack scratch! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why Roulette Pro Is A Must-Try Online Casino Game

12BET Casino’s Roulette Pro is another roulette variant, which you must keep an eye for. Consist of different features and options, it helps you appreciate the game even more.

One of its unforgettable features, one that will surely leave a footpr1nt is the racetrack view. It lessens the confusion when placing bets.

Another thing players will surely appreciate is the call bets. It is consist of different bets such as the Tier, Voisins Du zero, Tier, Orphelin and Final. The more wagers you place, the higher are your winning possibilities.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Blackjack Card Stealing—Fact or Fiction?

The so-called blackjack card stealing is not exclusive to land-based casinos. This is also present in online casinos—well at least, that is what some blackjack enthusiasts argue.

Card stealing happens when the previous blackjack player makes a hit. Since this means asking another card, the succeeding member can argue that the former stole his card.

Fortunately, this belief has no basis at all. Actually, this is no less than a mere excuse by players who find it hard to win w1th ease.

Aside from having no scientific evidence, this also prevents members from strategizing since they have someone to blame, which has a little effect in improving one’s winning possibilities.