Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dig Deeper Into The French And American Roulette Difference

It is not only the 2 zeros that differentiate the French and American roulette. There are also other aspects that make them “uniquely similar” to each other.

One of this is the color of the casino chips used by each game. American roulette utilizes colored chips, whereas French roulette simply uses standard casino chips. Due to this, the latter’s game pacing is much faster.

The famous La Partage rule where you only lose half of your bet in case the ball lands on zero applies to French Roulette. There is no doubt that for this game, you can easily win w1th ease.

But while, it is true that French roulette leads you to a pretty comfortable online casino experience, you cannot deny the fact that American roulette delivers the challenge that have always made online casino gaming an exciting one.


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