Thursday, 15 November 2012

Online Casino Game, Craps Remain An All-Time Favorite

The online casino game, craps is actually a product of an ancient war. Its forefather hazarth, was named after a castle conquered by Sir William Tyre and his troops.

Craps became even more popular in the middle ages and was even mentioned by the literary icon, Geoffrey Chaucer in his stories.

To date, craps is one of the oldest casino games. Old as it seems, online casinos still, include it in their game offerings. This is due to its undying appeal. 12BET Casino, for one, offers this game.

Although it originated from Europe, craps is also a favorite of Asian players. On a closer look, it shares similarities with sic bo. Both games use dice and their objective is to predict the outcome of a dice roll.

Playing craps in 12BET Casino makes a total difference compared to other casino sites. First of all, 12BET Casino is a reputable online casino  across Asia. Secondly, it has the best bonuses. Enjoying craps in 12BET Casino does not only give you enjoyment and relaxation, you also get a cashback at the end of the week. Indeed, you can win w1th ease in craps. 


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