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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Progressive Baccarat Boasts Of Top Online Casino Jackpot—Big Winners, Wanted

Top online casino jackpots are often found in progressive games. They can deliver life-changing wins in an instant.

Usually, players think that slots are the only progressive games where they can win and profit. Evidently, this is a misconception.

Progressive baccarat, for one, proves that huge casino jackpots also lurk in card games. In this game, a portion of the players’ bet goes to the money pool.

The jackpot will continue to grow until the required combination is won.

For those who worry about the game’s rules, they do not have to be bothered for the baccarat’s house rules remain the same.

A huge casino jackpot is about to burst at 12BET Casino. Play and be a big winner today!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

4 Must-Know Online Casino Betting Strategies

Betting systems are often used in roulette
Betting systems are organized or methodical ways of betting in an online casino. It aims to lower the house edge and increase the player’s winning possibilities.

When playing in Malaysia’s online casino, there are several betting systems, which members can use. These are the following:

In Labouchere, players must form their own pattern and add the first and last 2 digits. The sum will be the betting amount.

If the player loses his or her bet, he must add another number to the pattern and start again.

Martingale is the oldest and most popular betting system. This is one is simple and easy to understand. Members simply need to double their bets whenever they lose their wager.

Considered as the most practical betting technique, players must set a limit and double their bets only if they win. If the limit is already reached, the member must go back to his or her original bet.

Paroli is yet another easy betting system. Simply put, players only need to reverse the Martingale system to implement this system.

Betting system is one of the key elements to securing success when playing in an online casino. Combine it with strategy and players are guaranteed to steal the advantage from the house.

Friday, 28 December 2012

3 Habits Of Smart Online Casino Players

Smart players can else beat the online casino’s edge. They do not have to use complicated methods. Rather, they maintain healthy playing habits, which make them true-blooded winners.

Here are some of the characteristics of smart online casino players.

Constant practice
Smart players practice. As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

Those that can easily snatch the house’s edge respects the game and their opponent. They neither belittle their rivals nor underestimate the game.

Most players complain about the casino’s terms and conditions. However, this dilemma arises only because many do not read.

At a glance, these are simple characteristics or habits. Yet, no matter how simple they may look like, they have successfully turned small punters into full-blown winners.

Are you a smart online casino punter?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Different Types Of Live Baccarat Bets: What Every Player From Malaysia Must Know

Knowing the different baccarat bets is essential to those who want to play live baccarat. Malaysia members need to understand these wagers before they move forward to complicated online baccarat strategies.

Banker bet
It is considered as he most profitable bets in live and online baccarat. Malaysia players can fatten their bankroll with this wager for it has the lowest house advantage. Easy to win and longer playing time—these are some of the perks members can derive from the banker bet.
Tie bet
Tie bets are also known as “sucker bets.” For this wager baccarat players predict that a tie between the player and banker.

Although it has a higher house edge than the banker bet, this gives a bigger payout.

Player bet
This one is easy to understand. It simply means predicting that the player’s hand has a total value of 9 or close to it.

In terms of the house advantage, this is one has a higher edge than that of the banker bet, but lower than the tie bet.

It is easy to win in baccarat. Malaysia members simply need to know the wagers they can place. 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Multi-Wheel Roulette Surprises Players With Bigger Winning Chances And 35 To 1 Payout!

Boasting a 35 to 1 payout winning becomes easier in Multi-Wheel Roulette. Malaysia roulette supporters will be surprised by how lucrative this game is. Needless to say, this game is better than the ones you see in Genting.

Featuring 6 spinning wheels, you will never regret playing this variant of online roulette. Malaysia land-based casinos can only offer a single table and you will have a hard time playing on them simultaneously. But not for Multi-Wheel Roulette. You can bet simultaneously on these 6 wheels and increase your winnings easily.

Betting on 6 wheels means spreading your risks and minimizing your losses. This is because your winning probabilities are not concentrated on a single wheel. If one of the wheels does not deliver results, you still have 5 more wheels where your bets can show up.

You can also limit the number of wheels where you can play. If you want to bet on 3 wheels, all you have to do is deactivate the other wheels.

Since multiple betting still, applies, this allows you to further lower your risks and win more games.

With features so great, indeed, Multi-wheel roulette has made a name and managed to leave a footpr1nt in online casino gaming!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Sportsbook NEW URL

To all sportsbook players of 12BET, in case you are having problems accessing the site, you can still login to your account via this link <

Roulette Strategy Still Works For American Roulette

Yeah sure, applying a roulette strategy in American roulette is a bit difficult. Those two (2) zeros that lessen your winning chances are frustrating. Many times, they cause near misses. Just when you are about to nail the jackpot, the ball lands in a different number or color.

So what is the point of playing this game? What good can you get knowing that it has a high house advantage?

Actually, if you only take a closer look, you will realize that American roulette is just the same as that of the European roulette. Yes, you can still employ your roulette strategy. Malaysia roulette enthusiasts should not be bothered about that.

For American roulette, still, the best approach is to capitalize on the red/black and odd/ even bets. Still, they remain as the most profitable wagers. What many fail to realize is that American roulette may be difficult, but the prizes it offer is bigger than that of its European counterpart. Players simply need to continue with the above-mentioned strategy.
Roulette gas managed to leave a footpr1nt in the lives of many gamers. This game is meant to give joy, not the other way around. But this can be only achieved if the necessary strategies and approaches are implemented and used.