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WHAT IS THIS PROMOTION? EXCLUSIVE 100% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS UP TO MYR 100 for all new member register under currency of MYR. HOW TO CLAIM? Register an account at Fill in BONUS CODE "12JAN12100" on the signup page during registration. Make an initial deposit. Bonus will credited instantly upon successful deposit.


All live games turnover will get 0.1%* rebate. Let us know you wish to participate in this promotion by sending an email to a your registered email address with your 12BET username and current valid phone number.



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dive Into 12BET Casino’s Dolphin Reef And Get Up To 100X Of Payout

Multiply your winnings for up to 100X in 12BET Casino’s Dolphin Reef! Enjoy an ocean of prizes and bonuses today!

Receive prizes, which are 100 times bigger than your original bet in one of 12BET Casinos most popular slot machines, Dolphin Reef.

Spin the reels, form a winning combination and you have successfully played past through rival members.

The Wild
Those cute dolphins serve as the game’s wild symbol, which appear only on the 2nd and 4th reel. The appearance of 5 dolphins shall trigger the free spin feature

The scatter

Treasure chests are the most coveted scatter symbols in Dolphin Reef. If 5 of them appear, this will give you a chance to increase your winnings for up to a hundred times.

However, aside from the game per se, 12BET Casino will drown you with even more prizes. A daily bonus up to MYR 200 and a weekly cashback is waiting for you!

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Best Casino Trick Revealed!

Show your best casino trick! Casino games filled with great prizes are waiting in 12BET Casino! Start playing today!

You might not be aware but achieving balance while playing in online casinos does the trick. Casino site exposure, most especially, if it goes beyond what you can handle causes stress.
If there is too much stress, you cannot do well in games and you will end up enduring a losing streak. Stress prevents you from thinking quick and effective moves. Moreover, it prohibits you from gaining focus, which is very important when playing in casinos.
Of all the casino tricks proliferating in the internet, perhaps, the best trick is to enjoy and have a relaxing gaming experience and securing a victory when you played past through rivals. It is all about appreciating your wins and doing something to minimize your losses.

Are Casino Cheats Effective?

You’ll never need casino cheats when you play in 12BET Casino. With spectacular bonuses and irresistible rewards, you are already a winner even before you play!
  Various casino cheats claim that they will increase your winning possibilities and they are free. But the more pressing question, which must be answered is whether they work or are they even acceptable. Due to this you must be very critical and selective.

If the casino cheats suggest that you use an application or a program to tamper and manipulate the results, avoid it at once for this will only get you banned in the casino site.
You must also compare your gaming style with the proposed casino cheat. If it coincides with how you play, then by all means, use it. As long as it does not use any program or application meant to manipulate the results, you can freely use it. Moreover, personally, you will never appreciate it if you played past through rivals in an unfair manner.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Odds Are In Your Favor In 12BET Casino’s Mini Baccarat!

Mini baccarat is a great card game in 12BET Casino. Fast and sleek, it gives you longer playing time and the chance to bring home the biggest prizes!

For those who want to play baccarat in an easy, comfortable and fast-paced way,  12BET Casino has the best answer for you! This is via playing mini baccarat.

Compared to standard baccarat, mini baccarat has less players. Card distribution does not consume too much time, allowing you to participate in more baccarat rounds.

12BET Casino delivers an 8-deck live baccarat. However, there are other casino sites, which provide mini baccarat using a 6-deck card, which, may readily affect your winning odds.

To play mini baccarat in 12BET Casino, all you need to do is download our casino client. You may also use our flash client to play directly into your browser.

Enjoy a victorious feeling when you played past through rivals in 12BET Casino’s mini baccarat.

Join And Play The Winner’s Club To Get Up to 15,000X Of Prizes In 12BET Casino

Money definitely speaks in this one of a kind, online casino game, Winner’s Club. It features a multiplier—which is not usually offered in scratch games and a big progressive jackpot that looms to gargantuan amount every time this game is played.

The 4 cards
As you enter the game, you get to choose among 4 types of cards:
* Classic
* Silver
* Gold and
* Platinum

The bets placed for each group of cards vary and so are the winning amounts. The gold and platinum cards deliver the highest prizes plus the chance to participate in the most coveted progressive jackpot!

Win the easy way
True to its name, Winner’s Club, you do not have to bleed to win in this game. Get 3 identical monetary symbols and you see your bankroll increase immediately.

Multiply and magnify your wins

Multipliers are usually seen in online slots. Do not be surprised if you see one in this game. This game has a multiplier which can double or triple your winnings and all you have to do is make that simple scratch.

As a matter of fact, you can even multiply your winnings for up to 15,000 X! Say, you wager a $1, multiply that to 15,000 and you get $15,00 grand in an instant. Now just imagine how much more you can get if you place a much bigger bet!

More cash!
Add your winnings to the prize amount in the money pool and maybe, just maybe, you can already go for an early retirement and live an extravagant life.
If the progressive jackpot is still, not enough to make you play, we give you another significant reason not to miss this game. Get an unlimited cashback at the end of the week!
Do not be left out and join the Winner’s Club today! Claim rewards and privileges fit for a champ!

Casino Champs Turn Losing Streaks Into Great Winning Moments

Say goodbye to losing streaks in 12BET Casino’s weekly unlimited cashback. Win or lose, you are still rewarded in 12BET Casino

A true casino champion learns from their losing streaks. They turn these seemingly unfortunate events into yet another winning opportunity.

Instead of sulking over their beds and wondering what went wrong, they use the experience they gained to improve their skills. They identify their weaknesses and do something about it.

One of the greatest lessons that champions get from losing streaks is never to depend fully on luck. What they do in return, is build strong strategies so that they will never be at the mercy of Lady Luck again.

A losing streak can be a bitter experience, there is no doubt about that. However, it is also through this that champions have easily played past through their rivals.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Speed When Playing Roulette Live In 12BET Casino

The best bonuses and rewards await those who play roulette live in 12BET Casino. Enjoy a daily bonus and a weekly cashback all in one sitting!
Be wary and alert as you play roulette live. Whether it is European or French roulette, take note of the speed.

In live roulette, everything is timed. You must be able to place your wagers quickly and confirm it. Otherwise, your bets will not be acknowledged.

One of the important reasons behind taking note of speed is that you do not miss a winning opportunity. Some members could have played past through rivals if only they confirmed their bet or place their wagers timely. You never want to lose such victorious moment, do you?

This is most especially true if you are playing in Asia’s leading casino site, 12BET Casino. Play roulette live in here and be rewarded.

Get up to MYR 200 daily bonus and to add more music  to your ears, we are also giving away a weekly unlimited cashback as you play roulette live in 12BET Casino!

Faster Results, Bigger Wins—Get All Of These In 12BET’s Number Game!

12BET Casino’s Number Game  is a bingo-inspired game where you need to determine the outcome of the balls drawn.

It is the latest online game craze among members in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. One of its main thrusts is its fast-paced nature. You get the results immediately.

You have no other opponents than yourself and the computer. You do not need to wait to know whether you played past through rivals or not. The results are flashed right in front of your every eyes.

Other than that, you can also choose from the different types of bets present in this game.