Monday, 9 July 2012

Why 12BET Casino Is The Safest Online Casino

In general, online casinos are safe. Yet, you should never forget that its safety and security are likewise determined by the provider’s history and reputation.
It is much easier for online casinos to gain trust and confidence if they have already carved their names into the industry. They are fully aware of the different threats that can breach system security and compromise the players’ accounts. Their experienced taught them well. They are aware of the dangers and how to handle them.
But still, if you are not convinced, here are concrete proofs that playing in an online casino is safe. This is most especially true if this is 12BET Casino.
Regulatory boards and licensing bodies
Before an online casino can begin its operations, they need to secure a license first. They can obtain this from regulatory boards and licensing bodies. These organizations ensure that the players’ rights are readily protected. As for 12BET Casino, it has obtained its licenses from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the Cagayan Economic Zone Area. With not only one (1), but two (2) licensing bodies.
Sophisticated security systems
Online casino sites use state of the art security systems. They run sophisticated encryption programs to see to it that shared confidential information are not leaked and abused. If you scroll down the 12BET Casino site, you will see the “Thawte” logo underneath. Thawte is one of the most secured and trusted certificate authorities worldwide.
A dedicated department
Similar to banks, online casinos have dedicated departments that monitor fraud and other related activities. 12BET Casino, for one, has a team of experts that work together to prevent fraud.
KYC stands for “know your customer” while AML represents anti-money laundering. In simpler terms, KYC is the act of verifying relevant information about a particular customer. Others describe KYC as performing background check.
AML, on the other hand see to it that the money came from a credible source. These two are strictly observed by 12BET Casino.
There is nothing wrong with questioning the safety and security of online casinos. It is the right of every player. But they should always remember that along with their right to question the casino site’s safety and security, they also hold the responsibility of choosing trusted online casinos. 


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