Monday, 26 November 2012

Genting’s Perfect Blackjack, Huge Payout And Free Casino Bonuses Are In 12BET Casino

Find perfect blackjack in Genting and win a free casino bonus! Get up to MYR 200 daily when you play at 12BET Casino today and an unlimited cashback at the end of the week!

Perfect blackjack is no different from the blackjack, which you know. This game, however, gives you more cash—more of the green stuff. How?

It happens when you placed a side bet on perfect pairs. You can capitalize on 3 types of perfect pair side bets:
·         Perfect pair – This means getting a hand that has 2 identical cards. it has the highest payout, which is 25 to 1.
·         Colored pair – Getting 2 cards having the same value and color, but of different suites. Its payout? A staggering 12 to 1! Now that’s when you win w1th ease.
·         Red/ black pair – This is a hand comprised of cards with a similar value but of different color and suite.

The perfect blackjack game happens in 12BET Casino. Get ready with a daily bonus up to MYR 200! And don’t forget your unlimited cashback too!


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