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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Proven Baccarat Tip: Do Not Rely On Streaks

Depending on streaks is common in baccarat. Streaks happen when an identical result shows up during the game. Oftentimes, there is the tendency that you will place a bet on it again. For example, if the tie bet shows up thrice, there is the possibility that you will most likely go for the tie bet again.

Streaks, however, do not guarantee results. You cannot really capitalize on it. To win w1th ease, you need to bank on strategy.

Using the above-mentioned example, wagering on tie bets for the 4th time is discouraged. Tie bets, for one, has the highest house advantage. Betting on it may be an unsound decision.

If you want to increase your bankroll, never rely totally on streaks. It is also better if you play baccarat only in 12BET Casino. Not only will you enjoy the game, you also get the best bonus offer that will boost your funds in an instant.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Proven Baccarat Tip: Do Away With Tie Bets

To further increase your baccarat winnings this Loi Krathong, 12BET Casino share a simple, yet highly effective baccarat tip.

As much as possible, avoid betting on a tie. Indeed, the payout is very promising. In most cases it is pegged at 8:1 or 9:1. But, you should know that the payout is 14.36%!

The risk is a bit too high, most especially for newbies, who are just starting out their baccarat journey.

Fortunately, in 12BET Casino, whether a bet’s risk is high or low, this should never worry players, for at the end of the week, they will be receiving a cashback for playing live baccarat in 12BET Casino! Talk about how you can win w1th ease.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

12BET Casino Launches 0.6% Bigger Slots Cashback

Genting’s best casino site, 12BET Casino gives bigger and higher cashback to all slot lovers. From 0.4%, it has increased to 0.6%. This increase is inspired by the upcoming 12.12.12 event, which, definitely stands for 12BET Casino’s great gaming year.

In celebration of this once in a century event, slots enthusiasts will be enjoying bigger cashbacks and win w1th ease.

Much to the surprise of many, the only requirement to qualify for the cashback is to play slots games. Whether the reels yield a winning combination or not, anyone who plays slots at 12BET Casino is immediately qualified for the rebate.

12BET Casino has the largest and most diverse collection of online slots. From the classic ones to those that feature different paylines, free spins and bonus features, players can find it in 12BET Casino!

If you are ready to get your cashback, you better start playing today!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Genting’s Perfect Blackjack, Huge Payout And Free Casino Bonuses Are In 12BET Casino

Find perfect blackjack in Genting and win a free casino bonus! Get up to MYR 200 daily when you play at 12BET Casino today and an unlimited cashback at the end of the week!

Perfect blackjack is no different from the blackjack, which you know. This game, however, gives you more cash—more of the green stuff. How?

It happens when you placed a side bet on perfect pairs. You can capitalize on 3 types of perfect pair side bets:
·         Perfect pair – This means getting a hand that has 2 identical cards. it has the highest payout, which is 25 to 1.
·         Colored pair – Getting 2 cards having the same value and color, but of different suites. Its payout? A staggering 12 to 1! Now that’s when you win w1th ease.
·         Red/ black pair – This is a hand comprised of cards with a similar value but of different color and suite.

The perfect blackjack game happens in 12BET Casino. Get ready with a daily bonus up to MYR 200! And don’t forget your unlimited cashback too!

Friday, 23 November 2012

3 Popular Baccarat Movies To Entertain And Help You Win

Baccarat creates a loud buzz in the gambling world. The game is too popular that certain movies included baccarat scenes. The most popular ones are the following:

Hard Day’s Night
This documentary did not only focus on the private lives of Beatle members. A scene from the said documentary showed Lennon’s grandfather winning in baccarat.

Rush Hour 3
Jackie Chan is a fan of baccarat. Incorporating baccarat scenes in the movie is expected. Here, Tucker tried to win a girl’s attention via showing 3 Kings, which, eventually, does not yield any win. Face cards have no value in baccarat.

Casino Royale
A gambling scene is always present in James Bond movies. From the title itself, you can already see that a gambling scene will be shown.

Watch those movies, learn from it and win w1th ease in 12BET Casino today!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Good Luck Enters And Blesses 12BET Casino’s Player

Enjoy up to 23 free spins and a multiplier that doubles all your winnings in Irish Luck. This online casino game is one of the most profitable and enjoyable slots machine in 12BET Casino.

One does not have to wait for St. Patrick ’s Day to have fun in this game. Players simply need to generate a winning combination and they can get their prizes immediately.

Lady Luck is the game’s most coveted wild. Her appearance in 2 active paylines gives bigger payouts to online casino players.

As for the scatter, this is no other than the pots of gold. Should 3 or more of them appear, they trigger the free games and the multiplier.

Make your own luck today! Play in 12BET Casino’s Irish Luck and start winning. Be a champion and win w1th ease at once!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why Logging Out Properly Is A Must For Online Casino Players

Players are warned about the dangers of forgetting to logout in an online casino. Though it sounds trivial, but it opens the gate for simple hacking, thus, compromising one’s account without his or her knowledge.

Not logging out properly provides access to one’s personal information. Such situation can lead to bigger and more complicated problems such as phishing or identity theft.

As playing in online casinos involved monetary transactions, players serve as potential targets.

Members are likewise advised to choose a reputable online casino. Across Asia, 12BET Casino rings a bell when it comes to gaining the player’s trust and confidence.

Such casino site performs continuous checking to protect its pool of loyal and active players. Other than that, it also uses sophisticated security systems to avoid and totally prevent security breach and let players win w1th ease.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

How To Get A Daily Bonus In 12BET casino!

An online casino  bonus is perhaps the best perks players can get. In 12BET Casino, bonuses are given on a daily basis.

Players who are into live games and slots get a daily bonus of up to MYR 200 everyday! This is not a one time-event. Neither does it observe a deadline. As long as the member login to his account and played any of the online casino’s live or slots game, the bonus will be credited immediately into their accounts.

As a result, the player’s bankroll increases in a snap. This also means more games and hours to play and enjoy. Win w1th ease!

Start playing in 12BET Casino today to get this daily bonus!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Strategy Matters When Playing In Online Casinos

Creating and implementing strategies in an online casino are not easy. It can be a grueling activity. Yet, when one thinks about the benefits they can get, it is all worth the effort and time.

One of its advantages is very obvious—increasing one’s winning possibilities. With a strategy, players can win w1th ease.

Another benefit is having a sense of direction. Direction leads the player to the steps that he or she must take to win.

Lastly, it cannot be denied that employing strategies in an online casino is a one of a kind and beneficial mental exercise. It helps players apply their creativity and skills.

Friday, 16 November 2012

The 4 Biggest Roulette Players

Assuming that a survey is done to determine the most popular casino game, roulette is definitely, included in the top list. Many may find it hard to believe the amount spent by some of its loyal patrons.

Kerry Packer  - The Australian media magnate lost around £15 million on a roulette table in one sitting.

Faoud Al Zayat - Also a roulette enthusiast, Zayat spent around £2.5 million in a single game.

Robert Maxwell – Who would have thought that Maxwell is a roulette enthusiast too? He is such a fan of the game, he is willing to give up £1.5 million in a night.

Frank Sarakakis – The Greek automobile tycoon shares a similar interest with Packer, Zayat and Maxwell. It is estimated that he lost around £10 million.

For certified roulette supporters, the amount spent by those 4 is not too surprising. Roulette is too exciting to ignore.

But the game becomes even more thrilling when enjoyed in an online casino for the latter yields bigger payouts. This is most especially true if played in Asia’s best casino site, 12BET Casino.

Filled with bonuses and rewards, you can always win w1th ease in this particular game.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Online Casino Game, Craps Remain An All-Time Favorite

The online casino game, craps is actually a product of an ancient war. Its forefather hazarth, was named after a castle conquered by Sir William Tyre and his troops.

Craps became even more popular in the middle ages and was even mentioned by the literary icon, Geoffrey Chaucer in his stories.

To date, craps is one of the oldest casino games. Old as it seems, online casinos still, include it in their game offerings. This is due to its undying appeal. 12BET Casino, for one, offers this game.

Although it originated from Europe, craps is also a favorite of Asian players. On a closer look, it shares similarities with sic bo. Both games use dice and their objective is to predict the outcome of a dice roll.

Playing craps in 12BET Casino makes a total difference compared to other casino sites. First of all, 12BET Casino is a reputable online casino  across Asia. Secondly, it has the best bonuses. Enjoying craps in 12BET Casino does not only give you enjoyment and relaxation, you also get a cashback at the end of the week. Indeed, you can win w1th ease in craps. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Play Longer, Win Bigger With 12BET Casino’s Daily Bonuses

Having an extended play is a classic perk derived from taking online casino bonuses. The logic is plain and simple, the more funds you have, the more games you enjoy and the longer you play.

This situation, however, creates a domino effect that goes beyond having fun and enjoyment. One of its effects is having a mastery of the game. When a player master the game, the bigger prizes he get.

In Asia, a go-to online casino is 12BET Casino. Trustworthy and reputable, it is also recognized for its top-notched daily bonus. Each time you play, you will be surprised with the sudden increase of your bankroll. You get up to MYR 200 whenever you play at 12BET Casino.

Register in 12BET Casino today. Get a daily bonus, master the games and win w1th ease.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dig Deeper Into The French And American Roulette Difference

It is not only the 2 zeros that differentiate the French and American roulette. There are also other aspects that make them “uniquely similar” to each other.

One of this is the color of the casino chips used by each game. American roulette utilizes colored chips, whereas French roulette simply uses standard casino chips. Due to this, the latter’s game pacing is much faster.

The famous La Partage rule where you only lose half of your bet in case the ball lands on zero applies to French Roulette. There is no doubt that for this game, you can easily win w1th ease.

But while, it is true that French roulette leads you to a pretty comfortable online casino experience, you cannot deny the fact that American roulette delivers the challenge that have always made online casino gaming an exciting one.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Mr. Cashback Excites Players With Rebates Plus A 100X Multiplier

You can now enjoy the first and only slot machine that gives cashback to slot lovers like you!

12BET Casino is proud and honored to bring Mr. Cashback right at the comforts of your own house!

Along with the cashback, you also get 12 free spins, plus the chance to double all your winnings.

How to get the cashback
Getting a cashback is very easy. If a single active payline is unable to deliver a win, the cashback feature is triggered. Indeed, this game shows how you can win w1th ease.

A 100X Multiplier
If 5 scatters appear during the game, you get a 100x multiplier from this slot machine! In an instant, you can get a life-changing win. It is as if you’ve nailed a progressive jackpot round!

Mr. Cashback and your big winnings are waiting for you. Grab them all today!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Luck Overflows In 12BET Casino’s Irish Luck!

Luck is definitely by your side when you play the slots game, Irish Luck. This 5-reel, 30 line slots game lets you win w1th ease.

Under this game, you get 8 free spins and a multiplier, which doubles all your winnings. If 3 or more scatter symbols appear during the free games, you get another free spin.

Overall, you can take advantage of 23 free spins.

However, playing at 12BET Casino makes you luckier. Play this game and you get up to MYR 200 daily bonus and an unlimited cashback at the end of the week!