Thursday, 31 May 2012

Keep On Rocking With 12BET Casino’s Rock, Paper, Scissors!

12BET Casino’s Rock, Paper, Scissors  is a game that will surely bring back the joys and wonders of your childhood. This all-time favorite game can be accessed via downloading our gaming software or using the instant play feature.

Game objective
Straightforward and effortless, your goal is to select a hand gesture that will beat the computer. It is no different from the game that you used to play when you were still a child—rock outshines scissors; scissors outshines paper and paper outshines rock. There are no complicated moves to master and stringent rules to deal with. You can easily maneuver your way to victory.

What you will see
When you logged into the software, you will see two hands ready for battle. Graphic wise, the striking and vivid images will get you hooked into the game. You can easily navigate into the platform since all betting options are seen on the screen.

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