Tuesday, 8 May 2012

4 Crucial Features Of Online Casinos That Make Members Tick and Register

Convenience, variety and a unique gaming experience are crucial factors that convert a player to become a full-fledged member of an online casino. Providing and delivering such features to members will most likely increase the number of players attracted by virtual casinos.

Why players sign-up

A new experience
The idea of having a new experience—something that is different from the usual routines of playing in brick and mortar casinos explains why members join online casinos. It cannot be denied that some of them are still, unfamiliar and unaware on how virtual casinos operate. Somehow, you could say that it is the challenge and thrill of exploring the unknown that make players sign-up and place their first deposit.

Prizes, bonuses and promotions
You will probably agree with the idea that online casinos tend to give bigger prizes and rewards. This is not surprising since it can accommodate a large volume of players. Members can also participate in many promotions and tournaments.

A concrete example of this is 12BET Casino. Right now, it has an ongoing promotion, the Champions League which runs all throughout May. The prizes at stake are free bonuses for up to MYR 1,000 (Asian players) and £2,5000 (Euro players).  Also happening this May is the Champions League cash back and a weekly promotion. These activities are sure to make players tick and immediately register as a new member.


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