Sunday, 13 May 2012

Germany’s Online Gambling Sector Sees €1.5 B Worth Of Profit By 2015

Germany’s Online Gambling Sector Sees €1.5 B Worth Of Profit By 2015

Germany expects to yield a staggering growth of €1.5 B in its gaming market as the country implements the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling that will liberalize its gaming economy.

The market boom
According to the Media Entertainment and Consulting Network (MECN), German players delivered a total of €45 B, generating a gross revenue of €10 B. These figures foresee an ultimate increase upon the enactment of the new gambling policy this 2012.

The key drivers
One of the key drivers that is said to take Germany’s gambling market is the sports betting industry.  It is estimated that around 2,500 private operators shall open soon in Germany.

Other than sports betting, online lotteries are also expected to fuel the country’s online gambling sector.

Interstate Treaty on Gambling
The changes and modifications of the Interstate Treaty on Lotteries gave birth to the Interstate Treaty on Gambling.  The former penalizes online gambling as well as the act of promoting or advertising it, thus preventing the entry of private operators, which, in return, resulted to the state’s monopoly of the gambling industry.


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