Friday, 14 December 2012

Online Slot Game Players Get Sick Prizes In Wall St. Fever

Wall St. Fever has heavily affected online slot games players with its massive cash prize and rewards.

Other than your game winnings, you also have the chance to bring home the huge progressive jackpot.

Included in 12BET Casino’s roster of 5-reel online slot games, Malaysia players can also look forward to winning symbols.

What do you get in Wall St. Fever?
Progressive jackpot  - The  game features a progressive jackpot that constantly increases every time the game is played.

Bonus round – During the bonus round, players can get up to 20% of added reward.

More freebies – Playing this game alone entitles you to a daily bonus up to MYR 200 and of course, a 0.6% cashback. If you are a player from Thailand, China and Indonesia, you also have the chance to be included in the Triple 12 Promotion raffle where you can get even bigger prizes.

Playing Wall St. Fever indeed, leaves a footpr1nt in online slots gaming. Start capitalizing and profiteering in this great slots game!



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