Monday, 17 December 2012

Manic Jackpot Which Is 5,000X Bigger Is In Store In The Slot Games Fruitmania

In one of 12BET Casino’s slot games, you can get prizes which are 5,000X bigger than your original bet. It is a no sweat game. There are no complicated strategies to memorize, no betting systems to master, all you need is pure spinning passion.

What is the game’s name?  It is no other than Fruitmania.

Fruitmania is one of the 5-reel slot games. Malaysia slot enthusiasts are into this slot machine, mainly because of its incredible prizes.

Right now, the game’s current progressive jackpot is pegged at $16,711 and this can be yours in one simple spin.

Adding more winning opportunities, this slot game features a scatter symbol. To calculate their winnings, players simply need to multiply the scatter’s payout to their bets. Members who wagered bigger bets can bring home bigger prizes.

For  players who want to leave a footpr1nt without exerting too much effort, Fruitmani is definitely, the game to play. 


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