Monday, 7 November 2011

12BET Number Game Bingo 11/7

 Additional Rules balls drawn from the bingo machine are read by an automated scanner. The Company takes all reasonable steps and precautions with respect to the accuracy of the scanner. Notwithstanding such steps and precautions, you accept that the nature of the game is such that it is very fast-paced and reliant on the quick results produced by the automated scanner. Therefore, in the remote case of discrepancy between the ball number shown on streaming video and the ball number as read by the automated scanner, the Company reserves the right to rely on the automated scanner as the final result. You accept that the Company’s decision is final and binding in this regard. Running games shall be settled after each ball is drawn. acknowledge that at the sole determination and discretion of the Company, the Company has the absolute right to change, cancel, suspend, remove, modify or restart any game, or refuse or cancel any wagers, by reason of fortuitous event, acts of war, natural disaster, power outage, human error or fault or negligence by Company employees in violation of the industry standards of work, software malfunction, and any other analogous event. The Company's decision is final and binding.


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