Friday, 25 November 2011

12BET CSR for Thailand flood 2011

Nearly a third of Thailand's 77 provinces, including Bangkok, have been hit by floods since late July. More than one-fifth of the country's 64 million people have been affected, and at least 567 have died.
As a responsible company, 12BET knows its role in corporate citizenship. Thus we launch this campaign to support flood victims. It is 12BET CSR 2011 most important social activity.
We already have donated THB 200,000 to the Thai Red cross for the victims. We will be donating more in time .
Now, you can also do something for the families suffering from the worst flooding in more than half a century in Thailand. You can help in your own way, like donating to organizations like the Thai Red cross.

We are committed as a social responsible company, to provide local people of Thailand help and support. Thank you for your interest and support in our desire to help people in need across Thailand!
This is a continuous effort by our company to help any country or nation who are in need.


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