Monday, 18 June 2012

3 Slot Features That Strongly Affect Players

It is not only the game’s simplicity that made online slots appealing. Simple features such as its color, sounds and light are strong motivators that trigger active gaming.

You hardly notice it but the truth is, sounds can have a considerable effect or influence your gaming activities—that moment when you hear a seemingly never-ending dropping of coins—that steady signal which tells you that hit the jackpot tends to be very encouraging.

 To a certain degree, it does not fail in motivating the players to continue their game. Several studies and researches have shown that the so-called “winning sound” of online slots creates an arousal among players. It makes you long for more. Come to think of it, it is pretty impossible to disregard the tune that affirms your success in online slot gaming.

Warm light such as red light is more powerful. It works better than the blue light. Striking and appealing, it can easily attract the attention of many players. Thus, it is not surprising to see why warm light is often used in many casinos, both land-based and online.

Similar with the lighting effect, warm colors are often used in many online slot games. Three dominant colors can be seen. These are red, yellow and green. On a closer look, these three are colors of the traffic light.

Their strong influence can be attributed to the fact that individuals are programmed or trained to attribute meanings to these colors. Red, for example signals a player to stop. As for slot gaming, the color signifies the player not to stop playing, but to stop and pay attention.

Similarly with the color green, it tends to give a go signal to the player. Moreover, it represents money or the green stuff. The use of color is very much manifested in the slot game Mr. Cashback. Apparently, green is the game’s dominant color while the world “cashback” is colored in red.

The interplay of color, light and sounds are indeed, crucial factors in both online and land-based slots. These are simple aspects of the game, yet, nevertheless, they are very influential and powerful.

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