Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Number Game 12bet bingo 2/1

1. Ball number to use. A plastic ball. Numbers range from 1 to 75, each ball has the same weight and mass.
2. To change the ball number. To be replaced every day. You can watch the ball change. Sometimes the web will be on break.
3. To catch the ball out of numbers. The wind blowing plastic ball. Without any magnetic media to detect the ball into the box the number Web scanners are used to capture the number in the display GAME RESULT.
4. Bets on playing number games is counted as your turnover for Sportsbook.

NEXT height = Predict the number the ball will be higher or lower than the median value is 37.5, which comes from the game. Balls numbered 1-75, so 37.5 is defined as the mean value of 0.870 for the challenges of water is higher than the 37.5 I need the numbers 38-75 only to win.

ODD / EVEN : Predict if the next number will be odd or even number.

NEXT HIGH / LOW = the ball off in time. Challenges for the next game. This way the numbers came up. So we predict that the ball will be higher or lower than, for example inThe site is set up as number 11.  

The challenge is to predict if the next number will be higher than 11.The challenge is to predict if the next number to be issued under 11.

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