Friday, 14 October 2011

12BET Number Game Bingo 10/14

Bet Types pregame bet types are as follows:
(A)Over/Under, First ball drawn or last ball drawn
(B)Odd/Even, First ball or last ball drawn
(C)Odd/Even (FT) (sum of three balls drawn)
The “last ball drawn” is defined as the last of a pre-arranged number of bingo balls drawn. If for any reason the last ball is not drawn, all bets on the last ball will be considered void and all the bets on the last ball will be refunded.
Payouts are made only on complete games. A complete game is a game where the last ball is drawn without encountering any errors up to that point. In case errors are encountered, the Company reserves the right to void the game and refund the bets.


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